In the diverse and dynamic African business landscape, there exists a tremendous opportunity to build resilient businesses that achieve both financial success and operational excellence.

As you will know from your own experience operating companies in Africa, businesses can thrive by finding ways to break free from “frictional costs”. These are the non-revenue generating activities that weigh businesses down (e.g. inefficient production or sales processes). Removing them not only directly boosts profitability, but also brings wider spillover benefits.

This is because tackling frictional costs means engaging the people in your organisation to think about the goal they are working toward, and equipping them with the right information and tools to support them in doing so. Empowering them with the autonomy to make the most of their expertise, and rewarding them for doing so, is the key to unlocking this ownership mindset.

The Optimised Operating Model (OOM) is an approach that can guide you in making these changes, and reaping the benefits.

The Three Principles of OOM

Remove Frictional Costs

Engage Those in Your Organisation

Harness the Power of Information

During Q1 of 2024, we will see the launch of the OOM online learning programme, open for free to all SAFT participants.

The learning programme will be divided into 4 modules that cover all you need to know to implement OOM in your business. The first module will provide an overview of the OOM model, with modules 2-4 diving deeper into each of OOM’s core principles and tools. Each session will feature expert speakers from business schools and the corporate world, drawing on cutting-edge theory and practical experience.

Let’s unite our efforts, unleash the power of business innovation and build a thriving ecosystem of profitable businesses in Africa. Together, we can demonstrate the true potential of OOM and pave the way for a brighter future. Join us in this movement and let’s change the narrative together. Africa is ready, and so are we.

The Five Tools of OOM

Generating a shared purpose and values

to engage your workforce

Giving workers autonomy
to empower them to reduce inefficiencies and drive increased profitability
Using incentive schemes

to encourage an ownership mindset

Allocating free cash flow strategically

to ensure long-term value creation

Equipping employees with information

to identify and reduce frictional costs and to enable strategic decision-making

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